Wallet mystery

A good friend, lets call him KV, lost his wallet a month ago. The speculation process since then has been a fun puzzle.

The most probable location of losing the wallet is the cab in which KV was traveling to office. Wallet was in his jacket’s open pocket and the jacket was by his side in the cab. The wallet must have fallen out of the jacket on the car seat. One of the unintended negative effects of radio cabs and e-payments- KV didn’t have to reach for his wallet while stepping out at the end of the drive. No cash transaction was required.

A couple of hours later, KV wanted to order some snacks and realized that the wallet was missing. Cab was his first guess and he had cab’s and driver’s numbers, thanks to radio cabs concept. The driver denied having found anything on the backseat. Apparently, he had taken some passenger off the road directly instead of online booking after dropping KV off and hence, didn’t have contact details of that passenger.

Speculation # 1 – Driver had found the wallet and kept it

Speculation # 2 – He was telling truth. Probably the next passenger took the wallet

Of course, 1 and 2 assume the wallet had fallen in the cab, and not anywhere else.

The wallet had KV’s driving license, PAN card, debit and credit cards and cash around 2k. And oh, the wallet itself was a gift. Cards were blocked, the loss was lamented, cash was borrowed from friends, process for new license was checked… and soon things were back to usual. There was a hope that the wallet has fallen somewhere on the road and a nice person will pick it up and contact KV. Wallet had more than sufficient information to be able to contact. No one called.

A few weeks later, prior to one of his usual Jaipur trips, he exclaimed- this time I can take a train, instead of having to go by bus! Yours’ truly went… umm, what?
ID card! Traveling by train needs a valid ID card and I didn’t have one.
Oh ya, you don’t have any. Did you get a new ID card so soon?
What, I haven’t told you yet! OK, I got my wallet back. Actually, I got all the cards back.

So, a courier had arrived at KV’s home with all his cards- credit, debit, IDs.

I jumped to offer my analysis of the situation- Someone must have found the wallet and decided to courier your belongings. That’s so nice of that person. May be someone took away the money, probably that passenger from cab or the cab driver and threw the wallet. The sender must have found it and decided to courier to you. But why didn’t he call you?

KV explained that there was no wallet though. Add to that, the packet was actually open/torn when it reached. It was a local courier company and checking with them didn’t yield any result.

Speculation # 3 – Driver or the passenger had thrown the wallet somewhere after taking the cash out. Sender found it and couriered the cards. But then, why would she/he not identify herself/himself?

Speculation # 4 – The person who took the cash (and wallet?) couriered the cards. Did not identify as he had kept the money.

Speculation # 5 – Someone had sent the entire wallet, may be with some details. Delivery person opened it up and kept some of the stuff!

I know, you must be going in your head- got the important things back, right? Forget about who sent, who found, what happened etc! I would agree to some extent. But then, reaching the end of a story without knowing the entire sequence feels incomplete.

Is sender a nice person who sent whatever she/he found or someone who actually took away all the cash and the wallet? Praise the sender or blame? Had someone tried to send all the things back, may be with her/his name and phone number but all that reached were cards, thanks to the courier company? No acknowledgement or thank-you will ever reach that sender.

One person can know only so much stuff! So is life.



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